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Strategies for Success is a management consulting company that specializes in strategic business planning, new business development and operational analysis. Its true expertise lies in developing new sales, marketing, customer retention and training strategies. In addition, Strategies for Success provides support services to organizations that have insufficient time, human resources or the specialized skills required to satisfy the totality of their work internally.

Since its inception in 1995, the company has generated tens of millions of dollars in new revenues for its clients, most of whom are small and mid-­‐sized businesses. As a measure of its standing and reputation, however, Strategies for Success has also worked with over a dozen different Fortune 1000 companies, including American Express, Cendant, Capital One Financial Services, Target, the American Bankers Association, Carlson Companies, Rich’s Products, David’s Bridal, Club Med, Day & Zimmermann, NCL Cruises and Continental Airlines.

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Bob Stalbaum – Strategies for Success

Who We Are

Bob Stalbaum is a nationally recognized business strategist, master marketer, speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. With a broad and accomplished background as a business owner and corporate executive, Bob brings a great deal of experience, both professionally and personally, to his consulting/coaching practice.

As a top executive in the travel and tourism industry for over 25 years, Bob had a major impact on how travel was sold, marketed and serviced. In this regard, he has been the subject of numerous stories and published in dozens of national and local publications.

Over the last twenty years as President of Strategies for Success, Bob and his team have helped over 1800 different businesses increase their sales and revenues, while also achieving positive and lasting changes in organizational operations and behavior.
He has shared his business and marketing expertise with thousands of entrepreneurs, corporate executives and front-­‐line employees through frequent keynote speeches, seminar training, manuals and news stories.

Bob’s vast business experience consistently helps organizations to meet, and exceed, their goals.

“It has been almost two years since our National Conference in Anaheim. I attended your seminar, Strategies for Success. It was instrumental in the growth of our business. I have been able to double my sales in the past two years.”

“I wanted to wait a few days before writing to thank you for the terrific day that you spent here last week just to see what happened after your talk. It may be of interest to you to know that we have enjoyed probably the best week we have ever had since I have been in business…and we have you to thank for that.”

“Last week was great -­‐-­‐-­‐ supergreat! We all learned many new things and were reminded of some old things we probably have been taking for granted. Your passion for what you do is soooo evident.”

“I have truly been amazed. You painted a wonderful picture when you began talking with me about your sales training. The reality has been even better than the dream! My employees are in love with you and want more, more, more!”

“I have never met anyone who has as good a handle on marketing as you. You almost make it seem simple. What means the most to us is that you are there for us each step of the way through the rollout process. Our results to date have far exceeded our expectations.” When do we start with the next campaign?”

“I just thought you’d like to know, the corporate marketing campaign you developed for us was sent to 31 decision-­‐makers. Fourteen responded to us. We met with, and closed, 7 of them and we estimate the total new sales we will get to be in excess of
$10 million! All I can say is WOW!”

“You really had a positive impact, Bob. Our sales are now up $400,000 through today due to your marketing ideas. We need your help everywhere!”

“Everything is going wonderfully with the marketing campaign you developed for us. The first mailing alone produced 8 sales. The second mailing will go out soon.”

“There seem to be no really good words to thank you for spending the day, inspiring me, making me challenge myself and some of my ideas. Already my attitude has changed and I am seeing things with new eyes, a fresh viewpoint and excitement about the future.”

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Consulting Specialties

Business Development

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • New Business Generation
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Operational Process Improvement
  • Buy/Sell

Advertising and Marketing Support

  • Company Imaging & Messaging
  • Advertising/ Marketing/Public Relations Strategies
  • Corporate Communications
  • Product Development
  • Direct Mail
  • Copywriting & Content
  • Online Marketing & Web Site Development

Staff Management

  • Front-line Employee Training
  • Management Training
  • Executive Searches
  • Productivity & Motivation
  • Executive Coaching

Speaking and Writing

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Newsletter Articles
  • Speechwriting

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How We Help

Marketing is what a business must do to ensure it has all of the customers it ever needs or wants. It isn’t a discretionary expenditure, even in bad economic times. It’s a cornerstone for long-­‐term success. Your challenge, (and opportunity,) as a business owner is to learn to do it right.

For me, good marketing is all about educating your marketplace.

My job as a marketing consultant and business strategist is to help you effectively “tell your story.” This means, first, examining the “essence” of who you are, and determining the prospects most likely to truly appreciate your special talents. That’s just the beginning of the process, though.

My real work involves giving your business a personality and a face. It’s about “positioning” you, defining and creating the image you want to project, and most important, creating “marketing messages” that resonate, and will compel your top prospects to take the actions you want them to take.

Most businesses today don’t do this with their marketing. All they tend to do is “push” products. Their “story” is missing. As a result, everyone’s marketing looks virtually the same. No one stands out.

Once prospects become customers, my challenge shifts to sustaining the excitement about the relationship you’ve developed and turn them into lifetime customers and even “advocates” that actively serve to generate more new business for you. (The marketing cycle is never-­‐ending.)

None of this is easy to do. It takes tremendous skill and experience most business owners don’t really have. It is my extensive experience in all aspects of business, and the expertise I’ve developed in marketing over many years that makes me uniquely qualified to help.

The marketing I create for you WILL distinguish you from your competition. It WILL effectively “tell your story” and serve to swing new business your way. I actually guarantee results!
More than any other investment, great marketing can help your sales and revenues soar. In fact, if your marketing is currently an expense to your business, it really isn’t marketing.

If you agree with what I am saying, and you want more business, let’s talk. There is just no reason to go it alone when help is available!


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Training and Seminars

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